Thursday, October 18, 2007

Alexander Gardner/David Knox at Auction

"Mortar Dictator in Front of Petersburg, Virginia" was auctioned on October 15, 2007 by Swann Auction Galleries in New York. The auction estimate was $2,500 to $3,500 for the 7 x 9 inch 1865 Albumen print. The photograph sold for $3,200.The photograph depicts a 13-inch mortar named "Dictator" and several men posing behind. The mortar is said to have fired its 200-pound projectile 2.7 miles into Center Hill, in Petersburg.

Modern Original prints from an alternate negative will be offered by Argent Editions starting at $85.

In comparing the two photographs, the primary difference is in the attire of the men posing. In the Argent Editions print, the men are wearing less-formal attire. The photographs appear to have been made on the same day, from the same camera position. Notice the similarity in shadow angles from the sun and the same position of objects within the frame.

Argent Editions is very pleased to offer a photograph of such high quality and historical significance.

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